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catGRINZ returns with uplifting and reflective alt-pop offering ‘Easily Erased’

catGRINZ recently unveiled her brand new single 'Easily Erased'. Infused with a gentle and affectionate production style that brilliantly complements her enchanting vocals, this new track firmly establishes catGRINZ as an exceptional and original rising artist to watch. If you're a fan of Kali Uchis or Billie Eilish, then you won't want to miss this talented newcomer.

In her own words about the new single, catGRINZ shared, “Easily Erased is about being hurt by the people I loved and how those experiences made me scared to love again, but by cutting those people off, it led me to a better place in my life.”

The track teases the release of her upcoming debut EP ‘Highest In The Room’, which is slated for release in June this year. ‘Easily Erased’ is the second single released from this new project.

This newest track solidifies catGRINZ’s position as an exceptional and innovative rising artist worth keeping an eye on.

Listen below:


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