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Centric and CJae Shine Together with 'Do Time' Afrobeat-R&B Fusion Ahead Of Album

Centric and CJae strike gold with "Do Time," their electrifying collaboration that seamlessly blends Afrobeat and R&B into a mesmerising tapestry of sound. Serving as Centric's latest release and their debut collaboration, this track is a masterclass in musical synergy.

From the outset, infectious rhythms and soulful melodies entwine with intricate electronic production, painting a vivid R&B soundscape. CJae's vocals are nothing short of remarkable, imbuing each lyric with profound emotion that resonates deeply with the listener. His ability to effortlessly convey the track's emotionally charged themes is a testament to his prowess as both a vocalist and a storyteller. The hook, with its irresistibly smooth melody and poignant message ("If you do the crime, baby, you must do time"), lingers in your mind long after the song fades.

Speaking on the creative process ‘Do Time’, Centric shares, 

“Inspiration can come from a variety of places. When I’m inspired to create, I usually craft a blueprint of the melody in my head and go from there. CJae’s songwriting ability is amazing. He wrote the record. I believe he goes off where my melody takes him emotionally. We just have great chemistry. I initially reached out to feature him on a single called ‘Timing’.  The song came out so well we just started creating music non-stop which eventually turned into our upcoming album ‘Redlight’.”

Mixed by Alex Delgado and Centric himself, and mastered by Bobby Below, "Do Time" boasts impeccable production that enhances its rhythmic complexity and melodic sophistication. Centric has sculpted a soundscape rich with smooth synth lines, slapping percussion and beautiful moments of keys, guitar and samples. Featuring contributions from talented musicians like Josh ‘Chozen’ Sanders, Joylin Music, and Wassim Rahmani, the track exemplifies Centric's musical production genius.

Centric, known in the industry for his diverse musical background and production prowess, has crafted a distinct sound influenced by luminaries such as Quincy Jones and Queen. With a discography that includes standout albums like 'Stolen Time,' and a growing presence on platforms like Spotify, Centric continues to evolve and innovate within the realms of modern R&B and soul.

"Do Time" not only showcases Centric's evolution as a producer but also sets the stage for his upcoming collaborative album 'Redlight' with CJae, which promises to push boundaries and redefine the Afrobeat and R&B genres.

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