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Christian Wethered: A Masterful Storyteller

Christian Wethered opts for a mysterious timeless touch of folk with “Mon Petit Jardin”. A masterful storyteller and wonderful explorer of mood, Christian has a great patience that he employs over the course of the piece. The instruments here have a regal quality to them for they way they breathe and interact gives it a sense of peacefulness. Nothing ever raises its voice here there is a quiet hushed reverence that seems to bring the whole of the musical journey together. Little details manner as the song has an almost late 60s psychedelic folk flavor to it, not dissimilar to that of Vashti Bunyan’s output.

The spaciousness of the sound presents itself immediately. A spry yet sparse arrangement comes into view quickly. His nimble guitar work has a natural, pastoral beauty to it. Vocals here sprawl out into the infinite wafting up into the air with such clarity. Small word choices matter as there is a great deal of detail that enters into the fray. With an approach that blends poetry and folklore, the song gains a rather lovely quality. Upon shifting into French, it dives further into the spirit of otherworldliness that has a brilliance to it. Everything works itself out, for the final stretch of the piece draws from a spaghetti western sort of flavor to it. On the last stretch it has a poignancy to it, forgoing words for something even more intimate.

“Mon Petit Jardin” features an incredible journey, with Christian Wethered transcending trends for something a bit more classic in cadence.

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