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Cloud House drops indie pop-rock anthem ‘Broken’

Credits: Kris Kesiak

Described as ‘rising, rousing indie rock’ by Clash Magazine, and chosen for BBC Scotland’s ‘Track of the Week’ twice, Glasgow’s Cloud House is kicking off 2024 with a bang with their new track, ‘Broken’, that perfectly showcases their energetic indie pop-rock vibe. If you’re into Sam Fender or The 1975, you’re going to love this!

‘Broken’ combines heartfelt lyrics with upbeat rhythms and powerful guitars that keep you hooked from start to finish. Despite what the title might suggest, this breakup song isn't about your typical romantic split, and that's in part what makes it so special.

Songwriters Conor and Patrick get real about the frustration and sadness of drifting away from a close friend, making the song super relatable and full of emotion. This thematic angle offers a refreshing change in a music landscape often filled with stories of lost love or troubled romances. The raw honesty in their lyrics paired with the high-energy instrumentation creates a track that's both moving and impossible not to dance to.

Formed in 2019, Cloud House has rapidly established themselves as a band to watch. They’ve played sold-out shows at iconic venues like King Tut’s in Glasgow and supported major acts such as Big Country and The Native. The band’s music mixes catchy melodies, punchy lyrics, and a genuine connection to their listeners. They have a knack for turning personal experiences into songs that resonate with a wide audience. Their previous EP ‘Still Here’ has also been well-received, but ‘Broken’ is

definitely shaping up to be a game-changer for them.

Whether you’re already a fan or new to their sound, ‘Broken’ is sure to hit home and mark Cloud House as one of the standout bands of 2024. Keep an ear out for their upcoming shows and releases. This is only the beginning for this talented band!


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