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COASTCITY and FABRO Unveil Captivating Latin R&B Hit “AFTER LIFE”

Grammy-award winning duo COASTCITY, comprised of Jean Rodríguez and Danny Flores, is once again ready to captivate music lovers with their latest release, “AFTER LIFE”. This Latin R&B hit, featuring rising Venezuelan star FABRO, showcases their innovative fusion of genres.

COASTCITY’s journey began when the two Puerto Rican musicians fell head over heels in love with R&B and set out to put their own spin on it. Their individual successes in the music industry, with Jean’s vocal production work for renowned artists such as Ricky Martin, Beyoncé, and Karol G, and Danny’s musical direction for talents like YENDRY and CNCO, set the stage for their collaboration.

“AFTER LIFE” was born out of a memorable session in Buenos Aires, where Danny F, also known as D COAST, teamed up with FABRO, an emerging artist hailing from Venezuela but based in Argentina. The result is a track infused with Latin and R&B elements, carrying a dark and emotional undertone that will resonate deeply with listeners. After the initial collaboration, D COAST joined forces with Jean in Miami to complete the songwriting and production process.

The lyrics of “Afterlife” narrate a love story that transcends the boundaries of a single lifetime. It delves into an unresolved conflict that ultimately finds solace in the afterlife, taking the audience on a journey of healing and emotional discovery. This new release represents COASTCITY’s evolution and showcases their ability to craft bilingual, rhythmic, and emotionally charged music.


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