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Colm Warren's "Alright": A Poignant Journey Through Grief and Resilience

Colm Warren, the former frontman of Belfast's beloved punk quartet 'The Twenty,' returns with a soul-stirring single, "Alright," weaving a tale of profound emotion and unwavering resilience.

"Alright" emerges as a heartfelt exploration of the human spirit's capacity to navigate the turbulent waters of grief and find solace in the face of adversity. Inspired by the poignant story of Irish woman Geraldine Mullan, Warren delves deep into themes of loss, hope, and the enduring beauty of life's journey. Warren's lyrics offer a heartrending reflection on the complexities of coping with terminal illness and the transformative power of resilience. 

Recorded against the backdrop of Clara, Co. Offaly, "Alright" showcases Warren's distinctive vocals and soul-stirring guitar melodies, accompanied by a symphony of talent from fellow musicians and the Bulgarian Symphonic Orchestra. The song's rich tapestry of orchestral arrangements and dynamic instrumentation creates a captivating soundscape that resonates with emotional depth and raw authenticity.


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