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Conor Mulroy Unveils the First Track from the Highly Anticipated 'Still Water' Suite

Renowned composer Conor Mulroy is excited to share the release of 'Still Water,' the first track from his upcoming project. Collaborating with talented musicians Tristan Clarridge and Simon Chrisman, Mulroy breaks musical barriers, crafting a unique sonic journey. With an impressive catalogue of 15 full-length albums, 'Still Water' marks a new pinnacle in Mulroy's artistry, offering listeners an immersive experience in this 10-part suite, available for streaming now!

'Still Water Part 1' is a mesmerising showcase of live acoustic chamber music, highlighting the exquisite interplay of guitar, hammered dulcimer, and cello. The track serves as a testament to the extraordinary talents of the musicians involved, producing an enchanting synergy that captivates the senses.

Speaking about the project, Conor Mulroy explains the suite's central theme: "The suite explores the development of musical material without changing the harmony, like a fast-moving river whose surface appears to be still water." This creative concept sets the stage for an artistic venture that promises to enthral and inspire music enthusiasts across genres.

Listen below:


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