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Like A Morning Coffee: Cross-Channel Music's upcoming single 'Bygone Days'

Cross-Channel Music is the charming solo venture of French, London-based musician and songwriter Pierre Lassegues. This is raw indie-pop folk which will awaken your senses...

'Bygone Days' is like a fresh morning coffee - it'll wake you up with it's infectious rhythm and warm your soul with it's poetic lyrics and singing. We love the guitar solo in this too, which is equally as delightful as every other component of the song. London-based singer-songwriter Pierre has it down to a T on this track. It's the first taste of his upcoming album out this September, 'Man in a Dream'.

The style of his music is undoubtedly indie, but covers a wide range of mood and genres. Some songs are orchestral, warm and elegant (think Father John Misty or The National) while others are more upbeat and playful, be it in a raw garage rock or catchy electro-pop style.

There's a definite alternative edge to 'Bygone Days', and it's a combination of realism and romanticism. We love it!

Follow Cross-Channel Music for more info: Website | Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp


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