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Discover Andrew Pattie’s Captivating New Single, ‘You Are’

If you’re on the lookout for your next favorite tune, look no further. Andrew Pattie, the super-talented Scottish multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, has just dropped his latest single, ‘You Are’. This indie synth-pop track is bursting with upbeat vibes and dreamy soundscapes, showcasing Andrew’s amazing talent and infectious energy.

Growing up in the Scottish countryside, Andrew found excitement and inspiration in his dad’s eclectic record collection. Imagine discovering the wonders of Free Jazz, The Beatles, and more while living in a rural farmhouse! These early musical adventures sparked a lifelong passion, leading Andrew to create his own "Radio Shows" with a Casio keyboard and a Fisher-Price tape recorder. Talk about a creative start!

Andrew's first serious musical venture was with the clarinet in school, but it was the electric guitar that truly stole his heart. Fueled by the rock and metal sounds of the early 2000s and armed with a cracked copy of Steinberg Nuendo 1.2, he began crafting multi-track recordings on his family computer. This period was a whirlwind of creativity, resulting in numerous self-released albums with quirky titles like “Long While for Meat” and “Gran is BeeKeeper”.

In 2007, Andrew made the big move to Glasgow, where his musical career really took flight. He rocked the drums for Richard Mailey, played bass for Velcro Quartet, and led Honey and the Herbs as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. Honey and the Herbs quickly became a local favorite, releasing several EPs and an LP that left a mark on the Scottish music scene.

Andrew’s knack for playing multiple instruments caught the eye of The Amazing Snakeheads, leading to extensive tours and a meteoric rise in popularity. Despite the band’s eventual breakup, Andrew kept pushing forward, collaborating with big names like C Duncan and BMX Bandits. His work with these artists honed his songwriting and production skills, leading to the release of his solo debut album, REPAIR, on Exquisite Noise.

Now, let’s talk about ‘You Are’. This track is an absolute bop! Inspired by TOPS' track ‘Picture You Staring’ and infused with West African guitar vibes, Andrew has crafted a song that’s sure to get you dancing. He swapped out the bass guitar for a synth bass, giving the track a fresh and vibrant twist that’s impossible to resist.

The lyrics of ‘You Are’ dive into the theme of self-acceptance, capturing the internal battle between who we are and who society expects us to be. Andrew’s journey as a musician over the past 11 years, filled with both highs and lows, is beautifully reflected in this song. For Andrew, music is more than just notes and lyrics; it’s a way to heal and express complex emotions.

Adding a special touch to the track, Andrew’s wife, Alexis, lends her voice, enhancing the dialogue and deepening the message of self-acceptance. The song was mastered by Hifi Sean Dickson of Soup Dragons, ensuring it sounds absolutely fantastic.


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