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Dive into the Enchanting Sounds of ZUSO's New Single 'Amber'

Australian producer Gabriel Cuenca, the mastermind behind ZUSO, continues to enchant with his latest release, "Amber," now available for your listening pleasure. Known for his invigorating atmospheric-house sound reminiscent of Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8, and Tourist, ZUSO has been steadily building momentum with recent hits.

"Amber" marks a bold step forward for ZUSO, blending progressive-house beats with the organic allure of drum & bass. Gabriel describes the track as inspired by the liquid dnb vibe, where fast-paced rhythms intertwine with smooth melodies, evoking a jungle-like atmosphere that transports listeners into a musical forest.

"I've crafted 'Amber' to capture the essence of nature's soundscape, offering an escape into rhythmic bliss," Gabriel shares. The track's atmospheric layers invite you to lose yourself in its enchanting melodies and immersive beats, creating a sensory journey that resonates deeply with the soul.

Experience the magic of "Amber" by ZUSO today. Stream the single and let yourself be swept away by its captivating soundscapes.


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