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DJ Super Will Brings Good Vibes and Energy with EDM Anthem ‘Glitchy Gal’

Having seen over 30,000 streams since its release in 2021, ‘Glitchy Gal’ is an exciting and promising track by the talented DJ Super Will. William Howard Wiggins, as he’s originally named, is from the Midwest in America and is one of the most versatile DJs around. Put him in a small, underground rave… he’ll come through with the bangers. Book him for a packed-out club on a Friday night… it’ll pop off, anthem after anthem. He can even perform at a wedding… he’ll understand the assignment.

‘Glitchy Gal’ is a powerful EDM track with a whole lot of energy. Bucket loads of it. The song fades in smoothly and introduces the infectious vocals that repeat the same line but manages to never get boring. The drop is huge, taking the vocals and changing the pitch, while making them sound quite literally, well, glitchy. Just as the title says. This part of the song just hypnotises you and before you know it, you’re lost in a never-ending tunnel of EDM, far out in the universe.

This tune is a guaranteed floor-filler under any setting. The summery undertones make it perfect for a pool party, while the mind-boggling EDM soundscape ensures that it’s always club ready.

Get lost in this EDM paradise here:

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