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Dom Malin Returns with Fresh Indie-Rock Anthem 'Keep Out The Rain'

Dom Malin, the talented singer-songwriter from the Midlands, is back with a fresh sound in his latest single, ‘Keep Out The Rain.’ Departing from his usual warm and weathered indie folk vibe, Malin dives into the realm of indie-rock, showcasing his incredible songwriting skills in a whole new light.

Following his hit indie folk anthem ‘Hurricane,’ ‘Keep Out The Rain’ brings an upbeat energy that's hard to resist. Built on his trusty guitar foundation, this track adds a punch with lively drums and bass. The catchy riffs and relatable lyrics, using symbols of rain and shelter, capture the efforts we make to protect our relationships from life's ups and downs.

Influenced by artists like Sam Fender, Bruce Springsteen, and James Bay, Malin wrote ‘Keep Out The Rain’ while touring in Germany. The song delves into the emotional rollercoaster of love and relationships, tackling frustrations from miscommunication and misunderstandings. The chorus perfectly encapsulates the intense longing for resolution and the drive to improve relationship dynamics.

The accompanying music video being released this Friday, featuring Malin and his bandmates in a cozy, minimalist studio, offers a glimpse into his relaxed and genuine performance style.

Deeply connected to nature, Malin uses it as a conduit to explore a wide range of emotions. He aims to empower listeners and connect them to their roots, reflecting nature's serenity and formidability in his music. At its core, ‘Keep Out The Rain’ and other tracks are about creating safe spaces for people to process their emotions, building a global community of fans who find comfort in his music.

Music has shaped Malin’s life from a young age. Starting with his first electric guitar at 12, he has experienced significant milestones influenced by music and memory. From rushing home to watch MTV music videos to performing Green Day’s ‘Time of Your Life’ at a school talent show, these moments deepened his love for music.

Malin honed his craft busking around Birmingham, Bristol, and Manchester and studying Music Performance at university. Winning the BBC Introducing Midlands Young Person talent contest and headlining Wolvestock Country Music Festival at 17 were early indicators of his talent. His DIY spirit shone through in his self-produced demos, showcasing his dedication to music.

Initially recorded at home, Malin later took the track to Greenmount Studios in Leeds to capture a live feel. This move added the energy and anthemic quality he aimed for, elevating the song to new heights. Malin’s music resonates universally, conveying authentic emotions of passion, excitement, sadness, anger, and a sense of feeling misunderstood. ‘Keep Out The Rain’ is a testament to Dom Malin’s evolving artistry and his willingness to explore new sonic landscapes. With its indie-rock edge, emotive lyrics, and powerful production, this track is sure to resonate with both old and new fans. As Malin continues to create deeply connecting music, his global community of fans will undoubtedly grow, finding comfort and connection in his heartfelt songs.

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