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Dragonfruit Unleashes "Lose My Luck" ft Kay Slice: A Sonic Journey You Can't Miss

Dutch Neo-Soul-come-Electronic-Pop quartet Dragonfruit, in collaboration with Ghanian-Dutch rapper Kay Slice, dropped their latest single, "Lose My Luck". This musical gem is part of the much-anticipated compilation 'Super-Sonic Family Vol. 2' by Super-Sonic Jazz and follows the success of their recent EP, 'Honeymoon Phase'. With a unique blend of genres and an irresistible sound, Dragonfruit is undoubtedly on the fast track to global recognition.

Dragonfruit's sound is an eclectic blend of influences that spans continents and genres. Drawing from South Africa's amapiano, R&B, hip-hop, pop, and soul, this Rotterdam-based group has crafted a dynamic and infectious musical style that refuses to be confined by traditional boundaries. Their ability to seamlessly weave these elements together has earned them critical acclaim, national press coverage, and spots on prestigious Spotify editorial playlists.

"Lose My Luck" opens with a minimalist beat, swelling synths, and lively vocals that instantly draw you in. The track's initial playfulness gradually evolves into a driving rhythm dominated by drums and bass, which are at the core of Dragonfruit's signature sound. Danique van der Vlugt's silky and charismatic lead vocals provide a commercial appeal that beautifully contrasts with the alternative electronic backdrop.

The second verse introduces us to Kay Slice, a fellow Rotterdam-based artist of Dutch-Ghanaian descent. Kay Slice's unique musical style blends hip-hop with Ghanaian groove and afrobeats influences. His addition to "Lose My Luck" brings a refreshing dimension to the song, enriching it with his distinct rap bars and unique storytelling.

Dragonfruit shares the inspiration behind "Lose My Luck". The song delves into the concept that sometimes, we attribute all the good in our lives to a special person—a lover or friend who brightens our world. It's as though their presence brings a stroke of good luck, and being near them spreads positivity and success like wildfire. This belief can tip into obsession, where you fear that losing them would also mean losing your own mojo and luck. It's a beautiful exploration of the superstitions and obsessions that love can ignite.



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