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Embark on a Magical Musical Journey with Hum Hum's Latest Single Release

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the enchanting sounds of Hum Hum! The duo, consisting of the multifaceted Belgian artist Sophie Verbeeck and the retro harmony maestro Bernard Tanguy (also known as BT93), is back with a bang. Their brand-new single "A" released on June 7th, 2024, gives fans a tantalizing taste of their upcoming album 'Le Prince de Cendres' on September 13th, 2024, under Dragon Accel / Modulor.

Three years after the release of their emotionally charged album 'Traversant', Sophie and Bernard have once again collaborated to bring us a collection of songs brimming with depth and nuance. Their music, a harmonious blend of poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, continues to explore the labyrinth of human emotions, delving into the existential ponderings that define our lives.

Sophie Verbeeck, whose artistic prowess is reminiscent of Véronique Sanson, Brigitte Fontaine, and France Gall, draws inspiration from the daring spirit of Nico. With her fearless approach, she ventures into uncharted territories, crafting unexpected musical arrangements that are both innovative and deeply moving. Her vocal performance in "A" is nothing short of mesmerizing, guiding listeners through a rich tapestry of sound and sentiment.

Bernard Tanguy, a meticulous craftsman of harmonies, brings his signature touch to the release. He describes Sophie's lyrical style in "A" as akin to impressionist painting, where seemingly disparate phrases coalesce into a coherent and profound whole upon closer listening. His dedication to perfecting every detail shines through, blending techno beats with authentic strings by Mathilde Vrech and Caroline Pauvert, inventive guitar riffs by François Poggio, and a touch of trumpet by Camille Passeri.

The single "A" showcases Sophie and Bernard's exceptional ability to transform personal grief and transformation into a universal experience. The album 'Le Prince de Cendres' itself is a spiritual and musical odyssey, bearing the poignant memory of Sophie's father within its core, symbolizing a journey through the ashes of the past toward a brighter, more reflective future.


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