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Emerging Irish Pop-Folk Singer-Songwriter Ciara Rose Releases Fierce New Single "Daughter of James Connolly"

Ciara Rose's journey from the working-class estates of Blanchardstown to the forefront of Irish music is nothing short of inspiring. Growing up in a vibrant community, her early days were marked by impromptu performances in her front garden and enthusiastic sing-alongs with a sweeping brush in hand. This raw passion for music was nurtured by a remarkable teacher at Corduff Primary School, who recognized Ciara’s potential and encouraged her to join the prestigious Cór na nÓg RTÉ Children’s Choir. This pivotal moment was the start of a journey that saw her move from humble beginnings to performing on prestigious stages.

Her musical influences are a rich tapestry of sounds that filled her family home, from Whitesnake and Christy Moore to Mary Black and Motown. These eclectic influences have helped Ciara develop a deep appreciation for various genres, which she seamlessly blends into her unique style today. Her sound is a personal blend of influences that create a personal yet universally appealing musical experience.

Her new track "Daughter of James Connolly" is a poignant and powerful tribute to the final moments of Irish revolutionary James Connolly, as recounted through his touching last words to his daughter, Nora. The song, written by Frank Allen in 2005, encapsulates the emotional exchange between Connolly and his daughter just before his execution.

Drawing from the book Portrait of a Rebel Father and the preserved words at the National Library, the lyrics of this song are profoundly moving. They echo James Connolly's last moments, filled not with hatred or bitterness, but with love and dedication to his family and his cause. This song, almost word-for-word in parts with Connolly's last words, is a tribute that will touch the hearts of listeners, capturing the essence of a father's love and a patriot's sacrifice.

The music, also composed by Frank Allen, was brought to life under Jealoustown Records with the help of Stuart Gray and recorded at Billy Farrell Studios. The production quality ensures that the song's emotional depth and Irish authenticity shine through, making it a compelling listening experience.

Ciara Rose’s talent has not gone unnoticed. President Michael D. Higgins has lauded her as having “one of the best vocals I’ve ever heard,” while pop icon Samantha Mumba praised her incredible voice. Jim Connolly, a descendant of James Connolly, expressed gratitude for the tribute to his family, highlighting the song's profound impact.


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