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Enjoy the Soulful Groove of Essosa's New Release 'LEMONADE'

Essosa is a 20 year-old singer, songwriter and dancer based in London. With a string of releases in 2021 already, her new single ‘LEMONADE’ follows on from the artist’s EP ‘Dreamworld’. Honing her craft as she writes new music, Essosa steers away from the dreamy soundscapes of her latest EP for an upbeat R&B dance anthem with ‘LEMONADE’. Dancefloors will appreciate the track's fusion of pop, funk and disco, featuring elements of all three genres. The vibrant energy of the track is contrasted by its themes of star-crossed love and heartbreak, conveying a bittersweetness that makes the track stand out from the crowd. “LEMONADE is a heartbreak dance-pop anthem. I wrote this song as a form of escapism and to find a way to dance despite the pain of rejection.” Essosa shares


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