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Felix Saunders releases emotional new single ‘King of Nothing’

Singer and songwriter Felix Saunders releases his latest single in which he reflects on life and his lowest moments within.

The Western Isles based artist impresses with his unique, straightforward but earthy character which is noticeably represented in his very raw and real music. ‘King of Nothing’ is one out of the four tracks of his recently released EP ‘I Guess This Is Progress’. The tracks on the EP feature themes of feeling lonely and isolated during these strange times. Saunders addresses his experiences of relationships that went wrong, his state of mind and his overall feelings while also being positive and confident about a better future coming.

‘King of Nothing’ is a mix of indie, folk and pop and shares Saunders painful experience and misery of feeling out of place and lonely. Saunders lyrics impress with honesty and the raw, uncovered truth of his feelings. His raspy voice adds a very extraordinary and captivating sensitivity to the track. The vocals are accompanied by a beautiful guitar melody and impressive solos. The sadness within ‘King of Nothing’ is backed up by a laid back, almost calm drum melody.

Stream 'King of Nothing' everywhere right HERE

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