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Firewoodisland Releases Captivating New Single 'Looking For Love'

Photo by Dave Newbould

Norwegian/Welsh folktronica duo Firewoodisland continues to enchant listeners with their latest single, "Looking for Love". Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri, the talented musicians and songwriters behind Firewoodisland, have been making waves in the music industry with their emotive soundscapes, stunning vocal harmonies, and a unique genre they call "Mountain-Pop" . With a string of successful releases and notable achievements under their belt, Firewoodisland's newest single is a testament to their artistry and ability to captivate audiences.

"Looking for Love" showcases Firewoodisland's signature blend of organic folk instrumentation, catchy melodies, glitching electronics, and dreamy atmospherics. The track begins with acoustic-led sounds, infectious rhythms, and the duo's distinctive harmonies, creating an emotionally honest and uplifting experience for listeners. As the song progresses, layers of brass and strings add depth, leading to a vibrant and cinematic climax that is irresistibly optimistic. According to Firewoodisland, "Looking for Love" represents an explosion of hope. The track captures the feeling of driving into the sunset, surrounded by friends, blasting your favorite music with the windows down. The lyrics carry an essential message, reminding listeners that they are intrinsically valued and loved just for being themselves. Firewoodisland encourages individuals to learn to value and love themselves, as true beauty begins from within.

Upcoming Album and Raw Lyrical Style: Firewoodisland has been busy writing and recording their highly anticipated third album throughout 2022. Set to be released gradually in 2023 via monthly singles, the album explores the duo's life stories, struggles, challenges, hopes, and dreams. With a focus on relatability and a more raw lyrical style, Firewoodisland aims to provide honesty and inspiration to those facing difficulties, encouraging them to pursue their highest goals and embrace life to the fullest.

Firewoodisland's captivating performances have taken them to various stages and festivals worldwide. From the BBC Introducing stage at Latitude to the Lake Fest, Between The Trees Festival, and Vikedal Roots Music Festival in Norway, the duo has shared their music with diverse audiences. Additionally, they have supported artists like Bear's Den and embarked on several headline tours, leaving a lasting impression on music lovers around the globe.

Watch the video for "Looking For Love":

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