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fleabustiers Releases New Single ‘Inseparable Friends’

fleabustiers is back with ‘Inseparable Friends’, their latest single from the album ‘Time Can

Wait’. The song is a duo featuring Gilles Corby and Alice O’Brien and is inspired by Virginia

Woolf’s The Waves and a TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson about how education can stifle


Musically, ‘Inseparable Friends’ is bold and catchy. The sound production makes sure that

every element shines through. Kicking off with a guitar riff that sounds like a ticking clock, the

track takes us on a journey through childhood memories and friendships. But what’s really

interesting about ‘Inseparable Friends’ is its dual interpretation. While it might sound like it's

about a toxic relationship, the songwriter Gilles Corby explains that it's actually about the

internal conflict between our rational and creative sides. It's a call to overcome writer's block

and embrace creativity.

And when you think about it, it actually makes sense. Corby and O’Brien's vocals create a

harmonious dialogue that mirrors the song’s exploration of this conflict, as if one was

embodying ‘Reason’, and the other one, ‘Creativity’. As the song progresses, it seems like

the two singers take the upper hand in turn, symbolising how creativity can sometimes

overcome reason, and vice versa. In the end, the song invites us to find balance and let our

creativity shine when it needs to.

Born out of the pandemic constraints and based between France and the UK, the musical

collective fleabustiers use real-time collaboration tools to create music as if they were in the

same room. This cross-border teamwork has brought a unique blend of cultural influences to

their music, inspired by iconic British bands like Teenage Fanclub, Franz Ferdinand, and


‘Inseparable Friends’ and the album ‘Time Can Wait’ are available on all major streaming

platforms. The video came out on the 21st of June. Give it a listen and let it inspire your own

creative journey!

Socials: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify


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