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Fox Stevenson Returns with Energetic Anthem ‘Lemonade’

Fox Stevenson, the enigmatic artist and producer, makes a triumphant return in 2024 with his latest single, "Lemonade," following the success of his highly-praised EP, 'Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite.' Known for his genre-bending style and infectious energy, Stevenson once again demonstrates his prowess as one of the most innovative names in music today

 "Lemonade" is a heady mix of progressive pop aesthetics and DnB-inspired production, showcasing Stevenson's ability to blend diverse influences seamlessly. With anthemic qualities and Stevenson's signature vocal style, the track exudes a sense of urgency and discontent, reflecting the turbulent times we live in. Stevenson describes it as "a little scream into the void, with a bit of pop-punk drum and bass." 

As Fox Stevenson, also known as Stanley Stevenson-Byrne, continues to push the boundaries of music, his unique sound bridges the gap between club-centric beats and heartfelt songwriting. Drawing from influences beyond dance music, including his pop-punk upbringing, Stevenson's music captivates audiences with its infectious energy and adventurous spirit.


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