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Freya Beer Drops Artistic High Drama Single ‘Love Child’

Telling the tale of toxic relationships done in spellbinding and cautionary style, ‘Love Child’ is the new high drama single from London based artist Freya Beer and it elevates her staple glam goth noir sound with a Hollywood esque flourish and glamorous flair all wrapped up into one alt-rock leaning track.

Inspired by the whirlwind narrative of films such as The Love Witch and Valley Of Dolls, Beer’s song embodies the essence of screen storytelling, with Beer’s song scattered with pseudo religious imagery, which alludes to an toxic individuals ability to pose as some form of spiritual being. Said battle unfolds in true energetic rock fashion, peppered with creeping verses and one hell of an infectious chorus.

Speaking about the song, Freya Beer says "My new single ‘Love Child’ is an important release as it touches upon the subject of “gaslighting”. In comparison to my previous releases, this is not a love song. The lyrics speak from the experience of coming across individuals in life who undermine and try to claim your knowledge and creativity by opposing themselves as the victim in the situation they’ve caused. The subject of the song is something which I haven’t touched upon in my songwriting before but being able to share it on a wider platform and become a story which people can relate to is a way of telling my story.”


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