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Get Ready to Dance to Your Own Beat with NAHYS' Latest Release "Out Of Sync"

Step into the mesmerizing world of NAHYS, a talented singer-songwriter and performer whose captivating voice and exceptional talent are stealing hearts everywhere. Hailing from Perpignan in France, NAHYS brings a unique blend of Franco-Chadian influences to her music, shaped by her travels across West Africa and South America. As a self-taught musician, she's mastered every aspect of the music industry, from composition to performance, driven by her unwavering passion for music and the stage.

NAHYS' latest single, "Out Of Sync", takes listeners on a journey through the intricacies of time and passion. With subtle nods to neo-soul and futuristic melodies, the track invites introspection, urging us to navigate through doubts and find acceptance amidst life's chaos. Its soothing ambiance, characterized by hypnotic trip-hop beats and soulful vocal harmonies, creates a tranquil oasis for listeners to lose themselves in.

But "Out Of Sync" is just the beginning. It serves as a prelude to NAHYS' upcoming EP, 'In team'8', promising a rich and immersive musical experience. With each track, NAHYS invites us to dance to our own beat, embracing our uniqueness and celebrating the journey of self-discovery.


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