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Get To Know: Comedic Surf Musician Beachfront Vinny

Dick Dale's surf guitar protégé and Beach Boys touring band reject Vincent Daverino, also known as “Beachfront Vinny”, is a comedic surf musician from Long Island, NY. He has just released his awesome EP 'Reverb Rehab' so let's get talking to him and find out more!

Firstly, who is Beachfront Vinny?

Dick Dale’s surf guitar protégé, Vincent Daverino, also known as “Beachfront Vinny”, from Long Island, NY, was recently credited by Rolling Stone Magazine as having “created the world’s first surf rock comedy opera”.

Rolling Stone magazine described you as “having invented the world’s first surf rock comedy opera...god help us all”! So where did the idea for this act come from?

Well, you see, on Long Island, classic rock music is the only thing aging venue owners want so classic rock/oldies tribute bands rule the day. You can’t get booked as a surf instrumental act, not even as a tribute to “The Ventures”, lol! Anyway, that always made me laugh, like a surf rock comedy opera would, get it?

What’s the music scene like in Long Island, NY, where you’re based?

The live music scene is tribute bands and imposters. We have a guy who actually thinks he’s Sir Paul. And don’t get me started with Fleetwood Mac’d or Poison’d!

Who are you biggest musical influences (needless to say Beach Boys are one of them we imagine)?

Mike Love over Brian Wilson. What a lyricist! Garry Shandling is perhaps my biggest influence. So is Charlie Chaplin and Leona Helmsley....I added that last one to see if you were listening.

What’s your songwriting process?

I used to write alone with the only inspiration being my surf guitar. Now, I create the reverberation in my mind first, telepathically.

What’s a typical day in the studio look like for you?

I wake up around 6am and meditate. Then, I usually grab a cup of coffee with Ed, Billy, or one of the other hired guns I used to work with from my days in the Beach Boys touring Band

What can we expect for the rest of the year from you?

I’m going to Gettysburg, PA.

What’s the meaning behind your new EP ‘Reverb Rehab’?

Well after the High Surf Council Association sentenced me to reverb rehab for stealing Dick Dale’s last 100% pure silver whammy bar, I was stuck. I was being pressured by Long Island venues to join a beach boys tribute band otherwise they wouldn’t hire me because of their country club type atmosphere. That’s what reverb rehab is all about!

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