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Get To Know Marq Electronica Ahead Of His Next Dance-pop Release 'Crazy Fool'

Let's chat to the one-man music machine that is Marq Electronica. Based in the North-East, UK, Marq's unique shade of electronic dance music is catching the hearts of many, us included.

So, your upcoming single ‘Crazy Fool’ is such a hit! What was the inspiration for such a dance anthem?

I had been planning on writing a romantic but more house music orientated track and was experimenting with beats and loops and it all just came together. Lyrically its all about how silly me and my partner are with each other and the disarming fun you have with each other in a relationship when you love someone.

We love your band Sapien Trace! But, how does your process differ from creating in a band to going solo?

In Sapien Trace the creative process is always collaborative and we feed off each others ideas and encourage each other, I'm not the most confident person and almost talked myself out of the band until they made me see what I had to offer. Going solo is a whole new ball game and the process is me , my ideas and that's it. So I often play the ideas to my partner to get feedback. It's also a different process in a practical sense I create all the music on my own software but in Sapien Trace we have kick ass bass and the loud drums and a sample pad and the creative input is shared.

It’s safe to say your recent singles have done pretty well… Nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify! How does it feel to see your tracks touching so many peoples lives?

It is still sinking in and pretty astounding and encouraging to think people are listening and enjoying my music I can't believe it.

What has it been like working with Ivor Novello Award Winner Simon Ellis?

It's been a great experience, uplifting and educational , his input just enhances the tracks and he is so easy to work with.

Obviously, right now gigs seem like a long way off. But any plans when things open back up to perform your latest singles live?

Yes I'm rehearsing and have a set organised with originals (released and unreleased) with video backdrop and lights. I want to put on a show and entertain.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

There are so many artists from local acts like AKO and Holy Braille to Moodbay and AXLS and stars like Disclosure, MNEK, Camelphat and Chase and Status or David Guetta.

Any future plans you can hint to? Any new tracks on the horizon?

I'm writing and polishing new material and have two more tracks scheduled for release this year. So watch this space.

'Crazy Fool' by Marq Electronica is out 5th February 2021

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