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Get To Know: Rising Long Island Rapper Esco Andretti

Esco Andretti is a rapper from Long Island New York with hopes of making it out of his neighbourhood which isn’t as nice as everybody thinks he also has dreams to shed light on that situation and also open the gates for other rapper coming out of the city . From melodic songs like icy hearts to harsh brash delivery like on god remix Esco has showed time and time again that he is more then ready and willing to go the distance for his city and himself.

Esco, welcome to CFM. Thanks for chatting to us today!

Firstly, who is Esco Andretti?

That’s easy, I’m me! 24/7 365 a Long Island kid who dreams and drive were bigger than himself

What’s the music scene like where you’re based in Long Island, New York?

My music scene is street but I have fun doing the melodic thing so you get a bit of a rnb vibe with songs like Icey hearts and amnesia

Do you produce your own music?

I get my beats from ulisses beats - he’s a young producer from Brazil

What do your fans have to look forward to in the near future?

Lemon pepper freestyle I also have music dropping on the 28th and some visuals and a album or ep in September

What Esco Andretti track should we be listening to?

On god freestyle or icey hearts

What creative direction are you taking right now?

I’m about to start doing visuals and I’ve been playing around with different sounds

What music do you listen to regularly? Is that the kind of music which inspires you to create music?

Rap, hip hop, rnb but if I like it I like honestly I listen to everything

Is there any advice you would like to give your younger self for coming into the music industry or something to help the song writing/producing process?

Stop 2nd guessing it and yourself and just do it and go for it u be shocked

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