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Get To Know: Singer-songwriter Alex Julia!

Twenty-seven-year-old NJ singer-songwriter, Alex Julia delivers on her latest release Like the Sun with apparent— albeit non-genre specific— pop, rock, and indie influences. Marked by a relentless drive for balance and harmony, as her Zodiac sign suggests (with scales of justice— she’s Libra!), Julia’s music resides in the chiaroscuro of love and loss, and in truth and deceit. Let's chat to this talented artist, who has just released her latest single 'Like the Sun'...

1. What are the main themes of your songs?

The themes of my songs are mostly dealing with ptsd, anxiety, and depression and just life struggles in general. Love, loss, and healing. I am a very emotional songwriter so I mostly base my songs on my mood and feelings. My newest track “Like The Sun” is about how I’ve always been alone my whole life kinda like a lone wolf I didn’t let many people in. This song is really about letting love in and the warmth it brings.

2. When did you first get into writing music?

I was always really shy and introverted so music let me express my feelings in such an interesting way. I was always really into music but when I started playing acoustic guitar is when I started writing songs. I always had these songs in my head and it was cool to finally be able to make them a reality. I listened to a lot of Paramore in high school and aspired to be like Hayley Williams.

3. Tell us about your stunning debut EP Better Part Of Me.

I had been playing some of these song like Its Coming and A Beautiful Escape for a long time and everyone kept pushing me to record these songs. Counting Stars was a pretty dramatic song because I had just gotten through a breakup and was homeless at the time. The lyrics painted a story of going back to someone who didn’t care for me. It had a really dancey vibe to it so my producer thought an 80’s twist on this song would be really interesting and it came out really unique. What’s Going On was a collaboration with my best friend JEAN who produced the album. We were both going through tough times and had both poured so many emotions into that song and it came out so beautiful. That was when we first discovered our voices blended so nice together. Better Part Of Me was the most popular song on radio and I think a lot of people really related to that song. It came from such a broken place and I think it made such a beautiful song.

4. Who is your single biggest inspiration for writing music?

Wow. If I had to pick probably my Dad. He had taught me drums at an early age and introduced me to a lot of different music. I remember when he burned me a CD with songs I enjoyed like songs from Pink’s debut album and showed me a lot of cool artists like Madonna. He was a DJ and would let me pick different songs to play at his gigs. He had played drums for an 80’s band Cats On A Smooth Surface. He was just a natural musician and I think that’s where I get it from.

5. If you had to describe the genre of your music what would you say?

I would say I play alternative rock but I like to blend genres I blend in pop, country, and indie rock. I’m always working on bringing inventive sounds to my music and expanding my sound.

6. Do you sing in the shower?

Yes all the time. A lot of my songs start off acapella in the shower. Shower vocals just sound amazing because of the acoustics.

7. Is music your therapy?

Yes. Music has been my way of dealing with my ptsd and depression. Music is kind of a form of meditation for me I just get lost in it. It’s always been there for me and the reason I am still alive. It’s helped me through all the bad times and helped me connect with the world.

8. What’s your tipple of choice?

I love Mojitos super refreshing.

9. Any parting words - what have you got coming up?!

I’m in the process of working on a few singles and working on an album to spread awareness on invisible disabilities. The first single coming out is called Tunnel Vision. This song is basically how I feel like I have been cursed but that I’m taking it back and using my struggles as a healing process. I felt like I was in a tunnel and just had to keep pushing forward through the darkness. The next single I’m releasing is a song called tremors. This song was my frustration of dealing with a mysterious illness. I felt like I was going crazy because people didn’t believe me because my suffering wasn’t easy to see. I’m really excited to see how these songs resonate with people.

Listen to Alex Julia's latest track...

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