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  • Sasha Renn

Get To Know Techno’s Rising Star: Draxx

Draxx’s rise to the top ranks of the tech-house world has been an incredible journey. His distinctive brand of electronic has quickly become a favourite amongst the genre’s elites, with his striking singles climbing to the top of Beatport’s charts each release.

Notably, his vibrant track ‘WTF’ gained a lot of traction, reaching 11th on the Beatport’s Tech House Charts and 32nd on the platforms global charts. Characterised by his unique fusion of techno and house elements, ‘WTF’ is a showcase of Draxx’s undeniable ability to craft a catchy, energetic and infectious club hit. The vocal sample that grounds the track is cut so seamlessly that it blends into the instrumentation, becoming a captivating narrative throughout the song. The slapping drum line is just oh so satisfying, and it’s hard not to start at least a head-bop when the drums and bass bound off each other.

Other astounding singles that have earned Draxx traction are ‘Ponteme’ and ‘Hayabusa,’ both of which found their rightful place on Beatport’s Tech-House charts. Industry titans were quick to show their respect to the up and coming producer, with Cloonee, Hugel, John Summit, Sosa, and Gordo all singing Draxx’s praises. Building on this momentum, Draxx has released his signature blend of techno on esteemed record labels, including Insomniac, Glasgow Underground, Sola and Moon Harbour. In his rise up the ranks, it’s evident that Draxx is a powerful force to be reckoned with in the techno landscape. As the Draxx fanbase continues to grow, Draxx shows no signs of slowing, and why should he? With future releases planned, his Spotify streams continually mounting, and an ever-evolving schedule of tours and collaborations planned, it’s set to be a pivotal and exciting year for Draxx. We just can’t wait for more vibrantly energetic anthems from the up and coming producer.

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