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Get To Know: The Unpredictable Comatose Red Ivy

Welcome to CFM, thanks for speaking to us today! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Who is Comatose Red Ivy?

Comatose Red Ivy is a transgender woman with a fierce belief that each individual should make sound, not genre-specific music. I make sound phussies put it in genres, I own every genre and if I’m not in one let me know I’ll be there. Everybody soft in the music industry. I am me, I wake up and do me, don’t consider what phussies are doing like the phaggots practicing sounding the same to sell a record, all phaggots light years behind me.

What’s your songwriting process like?

People still write songs? Must be the same phussies practicing sounding the same ayy, hahaha all my songs are freestyle, first try every try every genre. No edit no practice to be a phussy 1 and done raw energy. I barely even consider someone an artist that has to write a song, why can’t they spit it into mic from the heart if they mean it?!

What’s the music scene like where you’re based?

There isn’t one. Cincinnati, Ohio go ultra soft on music. No one really even listens to music let alone create.

Your music is quite morbid and horror-esque in its themes right…

Definitely is not, not sure what ya was listening to but my sound has no theme each track is its own entity with topics varying upon things occurred in my life and my perspective of life.

Your music doesn’t fit neatly in a box does it?

No phussies ya know the cowards that practice sounding the same that can’t understand anything in life with a title on it, try to put it in a box but humans aren’t very brilliant, if they’d shut up and listen with their hearts instead of their ears they wouldn’t need genres. Whole industry so far behind me, they better pray I never take stage anywhere because I’m Sex Pistols meets Lil Wayne and I’ll make everyone look very bad.

So you’ve written over 3000 songs right?

No phaggot, all my songs for music are freestyle, guess you’re one of those phussies that can’t read, hence all my songs have freestyle in the title, I’ll let the wannabe artist be phussies and write songs, hahahahaah. So pathetic. However I have been a writer for 25 years English Gurur, wordsmith etc etc, I actually do still write but I don’t use any if it on microphone just seems generic to read a script into the mic. Over 3,000 songs in 7 months I’m going for world record of most recorded which is 25,000 and I’ll have that easily.

Is music your therapy?

Yes music saved my life more than twice and that’s my only mission, to help people who suffer with my pain or similar to overcome and live on. I’ve been murdered and woke up dead. I am dead living my mission is to save the living from suffering.

Who’s your favourite artist, living or dead?

Mac Miller, Marilyn Manson, Maynard James Keenan, Kurt Cobain, Comatose Red Ivy

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