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Get To Know: US Hip-Hop Artist JSO

JSO whose real name is Jeremy Strain Jr is a Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B Recording artist/SongWriter born in Hagerstown, Maryland. Also partially growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, he was introduced into the music scene fairly early in life. His father and uncle were DJ’s coming up in their younger years also followed by a few of his cousins in Boston being music artists which put him in a good music environment. JSO has been experimenting with sounds in music since elementary school.

What inspired you to start music?

My musical background with my family, Also I’d say growing up learning how fun music was, and how much I could express myself through music.. it wasn’t a forced thing. It was natural and felt right. I never clock watched or got bored with it, I find myself just getting lost in time having fun and feeling a loving feeling with music.

If you weren’t doing music what other career do you see yourself doing?

I would see myself doing something in the Fitness Field, or Working in marketing.

What do fans of yours have to look forward to in the near future, are there any surprises to come?

Be ready for another album I have coming titled “Stuck In Reality” within the next month. Also, some BIG home run singles followed by some Visuals as well.

When you’re working what inspires you or what do you draw inspiration from?

Driving/flying I gain inspiration from driving or being mobile/moving in the car. My greatest ideas/ inspiration hits me hard while driving or in motion.

Is there any advice you would like to give your younger self for coming into the music industry or something to help the songwriting/producing process?

Gain patience, let things flow. What’s meant to prosper will prosper, just stay true & remain humble through the bad and the good. Don’t plan every song you write to be a “hit” or “banger” just feel the music and it will come naturally. Not thinking as hard during the writing process helps tremendously.

What’s the meaning of your track ‘Too Late?

“Too late” for JSO to let his guard down after all he has been through & the hardship in believing in whom to trust. Also a constant uphill battle in relationships of letting his past go and not accepting the fact that he has righted his wrongs and is on a new path now

Where did you shoot the video for this song?

Pennsylvania Caledonia State Park.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Push out more singles, Projects, More Music Videos, Grow as an artist, reach short-term set goals for streams. And rip some live shows and gain the world's attention. Won’t stop this year until it’s all done.

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