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high jump Releases Radiant Single "Avenue"

London's indietronica sensation, high jump, is back with a radiant and melancholic new single titled "Avenue" via Tip Top Recordings. This new track marks the first glimpse into their upcoming EP '001' and promises to captivate listeners with its atmospheric soundscapes and infectious melodies.

Comprising the dynamic duo of Harry Martin and Rick Holland, high jump has been steadily building a reputation for their ethereal and musically rich compositions.

"Avenue" embodies their signature blend of atmospheric synths, vibrant guitars, and hypnotic beats, resulting in a track that feels both celestial and grounded. Mixed by Max Cooke (known for his work with GoodBooks and Ellie Goulding), the track unfolds like a mesmerizing journey, with its muted electronic beat, shimmering guitar lines, and pulsating bass creating a vibrant tapestry of sound.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Westerman and Yumi Zouma, "Avenue" combines dream pop sensibilities with hints of nostalgia, culminating in a Prince-inspired guitar solo that elevates the song to new heights.

Lyrically, "Avenue" delves into themes of nostalgia and introspection, with the chorus serving as a poignant reflection on childhood memories. Harry and Rick offer insight into the song's genesis, stating, "The nostalgic direction is more literal this time; a childhood memory that crystallizes from the abstract introspections in the verses."

With "Avenue" leading the way, the sky's the limit for this duo, and the journey promises to be nothing short of exhilarating.



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