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HOTEL MIRA Releases ‘Waste Away’ + Teases UK Shows

Introducing Canadian band Hotel Mira to the UK market fresh from a string of stellar shows at SXSW. The band, an alternative pop act destined for arenas, release their new single “Waste Away on 26 th April via Light Organ Records. The quartet comprises of LA based charasmatic frontman and songwriter Charlie Kerr, guitarist Clark Grieve, Mike Noble on bass and drummer Cole George.

“‘Waste Away’ tells the story of Domestic abuse. The tendency to Blame oneself. The confusion and backwards way we justify abusive behavior. The way things can escalate slowly over time in a way that we don’t recognise until it’s too late. And of course, the trying to gather the courage to leave a partner and the very real threat of violence if you do. It is a love letter to the courage and resilience of survivors. Myself and close friends included.” CHARLIE KERR

Charlie and Mike met as teenagers at a ‘Battle of the Bands’ and developed a mutual admiration for each others musical projects, they met Cole and Clark through the Vancouver music scene and formed Hotel Mira. Kerr is a captivating storyteller and the music from Hotel Mira is partly informed by the frontman’s experience as an actor and playwright. He believes that acting, music, and writing are all the same thing: story-telling. He draws a parallel to his musical project from the scene in the film ‘10 Things I

Hate About You’ where Heath Ledger performs on the bleachers for the girl he loves while taunting the cops after paying the school marching band for backup.

Live Charlie performs in a way that feels uniquely part Iggy Pop, part go-go dancer, and part fourth wall breaking experimental theatre. He tells a story to the crowd through his masterful lyrics, hip-swaying melodies, and attentiveness to his audience that makes each person in the venue feel special. Mike, Cole and Clark provide a sweeping soundscape that makes it impossible not to be swept away in the melodrama and passion of each song they play. 

The band has supported many acts including Billy Talent, Fizzy Blood, The Beaches and Frank Lero (My Chemical Romance), and carried out multiple headlining tours of their own.

While building off the sharp, indie pop hooks, Hotel Mira are exploring their widest set of sounds yet, vaulting from neon-trashy garage rock to festival-sized pop hooks and glam-bop balladry.

Upcoming UK Shows:


Thurs 16 th May – The Impressive/Planetary Showcase @ The Secret Comedy Club 2pm


Mon 13 th May – Moth Club

Sunday 19 th May – The Victoria, Dalston


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