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Icelandic artist Inki teases new avant-pop direction with the ethereal single ‘This One For Me’

Boundary pushing artist Inki invites music lovers into a transcendental auditory experience with her enchanting new single, 'This One For Me'. Radiating an otherworldly allure, this ethereal offering flaunts intricate textures that transport listeners to a realm of nostalgic charm. Simultaneously delicate and empowering, 'This One For Me' captures the essence of vulnerability and strength in perfect harmony.

Building anticipation for the upcoming album, 'Thoughts Midsentence', 'This One For Me' will be preceded by its companion single, 'For You'. Although these two songs will be released individually, they share an unbreakable bond and belong together. Acting as the third and fourth singles from the album, 'For You' and 'This One For Me' intertwine, their melodic threads woven around a metaphorical organ backdrop that serves as the core of this extraordinary musical journey.

The upcoming project ‘Thoughts Midsentence’ will be a bold step into uncharted territory for Inki. Departing from her contemporary classical background into the avant-pop world, Inki fearlessly explores a captivating sonic landscape that defies convention. Brace yourself for a mesmerizing journey through bass-heavy experimental production, where unexpected sonic elements converge with Inki's commanding vocals, warm presence, and brooding sound.

Listen to ‘This One For Me’:


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