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Indie Rock Risers The Slates Drop New Anthem ‘What Have You Done?’

Yorkshire's rising indie rock outfit, The Slates, are making a splash with their latest single, 'What Have You Done?'. Comprising four friends - Louis Barnes (vocals), Joe Briggs (guitar), Jude Wales (bass), and Zak Oldroyd (drums) - The Slates are driven by their songwriting passion and an irresistible knack for getting crowds moving.

Their new track, 'What Have You Done?', is a captivating blend of electrifying energy and introspection. The song encapsulates personal growth, the aftermath of past relationships, and the profound impact on one's identity. The band conveys their message powerfully, stating “ We feel like this song is a huge message to so many people, and we want to share this song with as many people as we possibly can. Finding yourself and being yourself is so important to everyone and everything, and as a band, we feel like we’re constantly evolving to be better people and to write bigger messages in our songs.”

Watch Below:


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