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J.Eka's Triumphant Return: ‘Bread & Wine’ Is A Gem Of UK Rap

J.Eka’s recent single marks a triumphant return to the UK Rap scene. Formerly releasing under the moniker Jayo, ‘Bread & Wine’ marks a debut of sorts for the artist. It’s not his first time round the block, but it is his debut single under his new artist reinvention. And what a debut it is. The single has an energy of authority about it; it feels as though J.Eka is stepping into his defining era, seeking the spotlight and relishing in it.

Lyrically, this track is energetic and engaging. It keeps you guessing what’s coming next, as J.Eka sprinkles excellent moments of double entendres and quick wit. The chorus is a masterclass in UK Rap catchiness. It’s a strong, grounding moment in the track, which allows for the beat to take centre stage for a moment, as the hook sails around the soundscape. This single is a collaboration with esteemed producer TwinTwo, who is responsible for tracks by Headie One,  Ms. Banks, SL and many more.

From his sound alone, it’s clear that J.Eka was destined for a career in music. His father, a renowned music journalist, brought him up on a healthy dose of music. With eclectic influences, and a love for the likes of Jay Z, Chip and Kendrick Lamar, J.Eka’s is finding a way to fuse all these influences into his sound. Whilst staying true to the roots of UK Rap, J.Eka is forging his own path in the scene. The South-East London rapper’s live performances are renowned, as he’s known for his captivating stage presence. Whilst before, he was performing as Jayo, it’s of no doubt the rapper’s reinvention will lead to more incredible live shows - ones where you can hear this utter gem of a debut ‘Bread & Wine’.




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