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James WLDE releases unique alt-pop single 'Issues'

James WLDE is an artist who knows exactly what he wants to say and more importantly, how too. The Irish singer-songwriter has taken influence from pop, indie, rock and electronic and embodied this into a very catchy, dark and experimental brand of music. His third single 'Issues' seems to be his boldest statement yet, the distorted vocals and grungy guitars in the chorus really take it to another place entirely also, and holds that real alt-pop sound in place which is truly captivating.

The outro is truly something to behold, where it almost turns into a dance/trance like track, repeating the hook of 'now I've got Issues' looping in a dark and truly gripping offering from WLDE. We look forward to seeing what else is to come from this exciting new artist this year.'

Listen to 'Issues' here:


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