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Jem Shares His ‘Secrets’ With A New And Intense Track

Released on the 12th of November 2021, Secrets is the latest uniquely intense and enigmatic track from Turkish musician, Jem. The track is a sonic blend of Middle Eastern musical tropes enmeshed with a faint 90’s rock reminiscence, transporting the listener into an unfamiliar yet comforting daze.

Having studied Contemporary Music in London, as well as being a student of Opera since the age of 16, Jem’s agility to carry a melody is effortless. His vocal intonations being somewhat like Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead – as he sings the rememberable line, ‘I have secrets to reveal’. The lyrics in themselves provide an element of ambiguity, which blends seamlessly together with the production, and lures us in with its mystery.

Encapsulating the scene, that we picture ourselves as we listen to the track even more beautifully, Jem released this accompanying music video, which was directed by Mu Tunc. A warm essence emanates from the video as we are blessed with cinematic views of the sunset and an insight into the authentically sublime culture of the Middle East, in which Jem himself grew up around.

Be sure to watch Jem’s new video, here, as well as stream ‘Secrets’ on all relevant streaming platforms.

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