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Journey Back in Time with J's Electrifying Nostalgia

In a world where music evolves at breakneck speed, J, an artist from the south of France, takes us on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the glory days of synthesizers and 80s action films. At 32 years old, this self-taught musician has seamlessly fused influences from hip-hop, rap, and synthwave to create a unique electro sound that resonates with the past while embracing the future.

After four years of dedication and musical experimentation, marked by self-directed learning during the COVID-related lockdown period, this artist is ready to unveil his musical universe. His compositions are a vibrant homage to the iconic sounds of 80s synthesizers, blended with contemporary production techniques, thus creating an auditory experience that is both familiar and innovative.

"My music is a bridge between generations," explains the artist. "It invites reminiscence while pushing listeners to explore new sonic horizons."

His latest track "Written In The Stars" is taken from the upcoming EP 'Fiery Night'. And who better than J to talk about the song? "When the neon lights up and the synths resonate, it's a journey through time that begins, from the 80s to today's tracks, where every beat is an echo of our nostalgia." That's the feeling you'll experience as soon as you hit play.


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