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KANIKA drop pulsating remix of 'It's My Body'

Baltimore based musician and songstress KANIKA mostly ventures into the neo-soul world, with her original version of 'It's My Body' being released as part of her third album this year. However, due to the recent outcry and simply disgusting events happening in America over the past few months, KANIKA decided to give the song a completely new lease of life.

A track all about pro-abortion and women's rights to have full control over their own choices, 'It's My Body' has turned into a club song for the ages. A highly empowering message in the first place, this remix transcends the song to a whole new dimension and level entirely, giving people the chance to really hear what KANIKA is trying to portray. It's deeply powerful, resonating and needed, and this club remix channels the energy of the millions of women who are being mistreated once again. Enough is enough, and KANIKA perfectly captures the feelings of all with her empowering lyricism and narrative. Check it out now.

Stream 'In My Body - Club Remix' now:


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