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Kid Apollo’s Bittersweet Single ‘Shameless’ Out This Friday

Kid Apollo, from Derry in Ireland is certainly one-to-watch. His new single ‘Shameless’, which drops this Friday, is brooding, nostalgic and expertly crafted to take the listener on a journey through music that’s oh-so memorable. It’s refreshing to hear something different in the electronic-pop genre too, with so many Billie Eilish copycats around. Kid Apollo’s unique shade of indie, bedroom pop is a joy to behold - yes, there are elements of Finneas/Eilish production in there but he makes it all his own!

‘Shameless’ is a bittersweet track which blends together opposites in both sound and semantics. The warmth of the acoustic guitar contrasts with the artificiality of computer-programmed sound design. Diamonds are shining symbols of prosperity, yet they don’t last forever, as the song’s lyrics seem to warn.

In 2021, Kid Apollo hopes that he can bring his music to a wider (and hopefully live) audience and expand his musical repertoire even further. We look forward to that!

‘Shameless’ is out on all digital platforms this Friday 26th!

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