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Kinzoogianna Unleashes 'Cherry Devoy': A Retro-Fueled Dance Floor Delight

Kinzoogianna, the genius behind the innovative Nu Jazz and Broken Beat band Brotherly, is back with a bang, dropping her new single "Cherry Devoy." This track is the first glimpse of her upcoming album, The Clique of ’86, set to hit in early 2025.

"Cherry Devoy" channels the vibrant energy of the 80s London club scene, mixing hip hop, house, and electro for a high-energy party anthem. The accompanying video, featuring Jutsu's electrifying dance moves, takes the excitement to another level.

In this track, Kinzoogianna captures the essence of British subculture with a touch of Essex heart and English humor. Her powerhouse vocals, paired with programmed drums and synth bass, create a sound that’s ready for the dance floor. Expect a rich blend of boogie, hip hop, electro, broken beat, jazztronica, funk, and soul disco vibes.

Kinzoogianna first made waves with her debut album, Gold For The Hungry Souls, showcasing her skills as a vocalist, songwriter, keyboard player, and producer. Collaborating with talents like Rob Mullarkey and Richard Spaven, she crafted an album that seamlessly merges jazz nuances with catchy hooks.

As she puts the finishing touches on The Clique of ’86, fans are eagerly awaiting another groundbreaking masterpiece from this visionary artist. With "Cherry Devoy" setting the stage, there's no doubt that Kinzoogianna is poised to deliver another dose of sonic brilliance.

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