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Konata Small x Disciple Theory Drop Explosive New Track: 'With A Bang'

Prepare to be blown away as Konata Small, the South Florida-based hip-hop sensation, joins forces with powerhouse producer Disciple Theory to unleash their latest musical gem, "With A Bang".

Renowned for his groundbreaking fusion of gospel, soul, and hip-hop, Konata Small has left an indelible mark on the music industry over the years. From collaborations with top-tier sync agencies like Lyric House to high-profile campaigns with the likes of Fortnite and HBO, Konata's talent knows no bounds.

In 2019, Konata Small took the gaming world by storm with his hit song "Ruckus", featured in Fortnite's Chapter 2 trailer and chosen by international DJ Diplo for Monday Night Football. Now, with "With A Bang", Konata Small continues to push boundaries and redefine the hip-hop landscape.

This latest offering merges hip-hop, gospel, and cinematic soundscapes, captivating with its genre-bending beats and poignant lyrics.

Reflecting on the release, Konata Small shares, ""With A Bang" is a song that speaks on the beginning of things. One of the pivotal moments in my life happened in Brooklyn, New York. This was when I was a bystander to a shootout as a preteen. The event was the catalyst for change that eventually moved me to South Florida which is where I met God, and where I was introduced to the talent that I yield now in Hip-Hop as an artist/songwriter/rapper. So for me, it all started with a bang. This is my story."

Don't miss out on this electrifying collaboration—stream "With A Bang" now and experience the future of hip-hop.


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