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Kyrik Gaines Releases Sultry R&B Track 'Don't Fall in Love'

R&B artist Kyrik Gaines has made an explosive start to his music career, having already accumulated hundreds of thousands of streams for his releases ‘Sandbox’ and ‘Booty Call’. Now returning in 2021 to lead up to his debut EP, Kyrik returns in November with new soulful offering ‘Don’t Fall in Love’. Kyrik's self-written and self-produced single captures the mood of 'the morning after' with a dreamy soundscape full of airy vocals, glistening instrumentation, and bird sounds. “The song 'Don't Fall in Love' is about becoming jaded, and finally realizing the damaging effects of a toxic relationship but not knowing exactly how to walk away from it. ‘Pretending we in love just for the moment. Ask for company when you get lonely. Misery is free choose when you want it.’ These lines close out the song, and they describe two people who only enjoy each others company when there is sex involved, otherwise they couldn't be more miserable. So, they choose to be miserable together as well.” Kyrik shares the inspiration behind the track.

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