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Kyros Unveils the Cinematic Prog-Synth-Rock Journey 'Esoterica'

Kyros, the UK-based prog-synth-rock sensation, is back in the spotlight with their mesmerizing and intense single, 'Esoterica'. Following the critical acclaim of their previous releases, 'The End In Mind' and 'Illusions Inside', Kyros is set to blow your mind with a genre-blending masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional music.

The latest offering from Kyros fuses elements of 80s-infused prog rock with expansive synths, vigorous drums, and driving bass. This four-piece band's unique sound is a breathtaking blend of progressive rock and metal complexity with the melodic hooks of pop, and it's a journey you won't want to miss.

'Esoterica' begins with an intense pulsating bass arpeggiator and thundering drums, immediately immersing listeners in an electronic dreamscape. As the track unfolds, soaring guitars, layers of synths, and enchanting backing vocals gradually weave into the sonic landscape, drawing comparisons to the likes of Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, and YES. It's a mesmerizing intro that perfectly encapsulates Kyros' distinctive sonic identity.

With the entry of vocals, the track takes a captivating turn. The chorus, unexpected and anthemic, is driven by a stylish piano line with influences from the House genre. Topped with urgent lead vocals that soar above the music, Kyros delivers a commercial and impactful moment that stands out amidst the intense and complex soundscape.

The song continues to evolve, exploring a vast sonic landscape with a multitude of textures, key changes, and a delightful interplay of synth sounds and distorted guitars. 'Esoterica' is a sprawling, euphoric journey that showcases Kyros' prowess as both performers and songwriters.


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