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L.A. Salami's "OTTOLINE: The Director's Cut (Deluxe)" – A Mosaic of Timeless Artistry

L.A. Salami, the South London artist known for his genre-bending musical explorations, invites us to delve deep into the creative labyrinth of his 2022 album, "OTTOLINE," with the release of its deluxe edition. Often self-dubbed as an "Intergalactical Troubadour," Salami has crafted a signature sound that transcends boundaries, and it shines through this extended version of his last two full-length albums.

"OTTOLINE: The Director's Cut (Deluxe)" presents an 18-track odyssey, offering fans not only a reimagined experience of the 2022 record but also gifting them five additional tracks to savor. At the heart of this musical journey stands the focus single, "THE TALISMAN," a character that has been a recurring presence in Salami's work since the late 2010s.

This deluxe edition takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the artist's early 2020s sound, a sonic landscape that effortlessly shifts between folk, rock and roll, neo-soul, and hip-hop. The music remains authentically L.A. Salami, offering a sonic mosaic of depth and diversity that is bound to captivate listeners worldwide.


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