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Larry Thomas Moore Jr.'s 'Lovely Eyes': A Soul-Stirring Journey in Country/Americana

Larry Thomas Moore Jr., a seasoned musician with a remarkable 28-year career, has embarked on a new chapter as a solo artist, and his latest single 'Lovely Eyes' is a heartfelt testament to his immense talent and creative depth.

In 'Lovely Eyes,' Larry Thomas Moore Jr. takes us on a poignant journey through the landscape of country/Americana music. Armed with his resonator guitar and emotive vocals, he crafts a track that's filled with raw, unfiltered emotion. It's a musical experience that encapsulates the profound feelings that arise when one longs for someone deeply.

'Lovely Eyes' follows from Larry's previous single, 'Not Afraid,' which garnered praise from press outlets and received airplay across the US and UK. This consistent success is a testament to Larry's ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.


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