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Lemonade Baby Unveils Captivating New Single 'Tints' Featuring Kevin Collett

Australian artist Lemonade Baby continues to dazzle his fans with his latest release, 'Tints', featuring the talented Kevin Collett. Following the recent success of his single 'Don't Stop (Keep on Keepin on)', Lemonade Baby is steadily building anticipation for his upcoming debut EP, titled "XTRA POP", set to be released in August via Mammal Sounds Records. In 'Tints', Lemonade Baby presents a captivating blend of indie-electro and dance, complemented by Kevin Collett's mesmerizing vocals, making it an enticing preview of what's to come on the forthcoming album.

'Tints' tells a relatable story of being charmed by someone who ultimately betrays us. Lemonade Baby masterfully captures the feeling of being deceived and manipulated, while simultaneously acknowledging the difficulty of recognizing these deceptive traits in the moment. The title 'Tints' itself reflects the idea that we often view others through "tinted glasses", unable to see their true intentions until it's too late.

Lemonade Baby's songwriting prowess shines through as he paints a vivid picture of vulnerability and the allure of deception. The track's infectious melody and foot-tapping beats create an irresistible dance treat that will undoubtedly resonate with audiences from various musical backgrounds.

Lemonade Baby teams up with fellow Brisbane-based artist Kevin Collett, adding a layer of vocal brilliance to the already mesmerizing track. Kevin's contribution elevates the song to new heights, as he effortlessly freestyles his verse in just three takes, showcasing his exceptional talent and artistry. The synergy between Lemonade Baby and Kevin Collett is evident, and their combined efforts result in a musical masterpiece that demands attention.


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