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Lily Hain Ignites Alt-Pop Scene with Fiery New Single ‘Spicy’

Lily Hain’s brand new single 'Spicy' showcases a bolder side of the singer-songwriter’s artistry. Drawing from personal experiences of a tumultuous breakup, the track becomes an empowering anthem for those who have faced similar challenges, as Lily channels her emotions into the music with remarkable potency.

When asked about the inspiration behind 'Spicy', Lily Hain revealed, "Spicy is about a breakup. Initially things ended amicably but then the other person tried to return only to do something that really angered me. So I decided to channel all my frustration into this song as a way to let it go."

As the release of her debut album approaches, 'Spicy' stands as a tantalizing glimpse into the transformative musical journey Lily Hain has crafted. With each song, she continues to defy boundaries, push creative limits, and captivate listeners.

Watch the new lyric video below:


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