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LOVESBLIND drop multi-genre offering in 'levitate'

It's safe to say LOVESBLIND show no boundaries when it comes to their music. From hip-hop and rap to post punk and alternative rock, this quartet do things a little differently than the status quo. The Iowa genre re-definers begin 2023 with a song that typifies their whole approach to an unorthodox way of songwriting, in 'levitate'.

"‘levitate’ was written about those who didn't give you the time of day until you "made something" of yourself, and how then those people want to act like you were friends all along. A great example is when someone wants nothing to do with you in high school, sees how well you're doing 5 years later, and wants to "get back in touch". The song is a glorified middle finger to all of those people."

Entirely self-produced, you can immediately hear that they have full creative control, as the song opens with an atmospheric hip-hop feeling, trap beats and even rapping in the first verse, before it switches completely. It spirals into a thunderous alternative rock explosion reminiscent of retro You Me At Six and Chase Atlantic, screeching guitars and thumping drums inside with a complete change in vocals too.

This dynamically diverse band have certainly set new heights, and it's mightily impressive to say the least. It's safe to say they are revolutionising the way we experience music, and that's the most impressive thing of all.

Listen to 'levitate' here:


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