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Lucas Elliott Mesmerizes with Debut Single 'Fairytale'

UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Lucas Elliott introduces his debut single, ‘Fairytale’, a captivating precursor to his forthcoming five-track EP. Elliott's intricate songwriting, dynamic production, and velvety vocals blend seamlessly to create a listening experience that is both familiar and refreshingly innovative.

‘Fairytale’ addresses the misleading nature of media narratives, drawing inspiration from well-known stories and fairytales. Elliott critiques these narratives, exposing the inaccuracies that many grow up believing. His raw emotion and lyrical depth pull listeners into a musical landscape where vulnerability meets resilience.

Crafting the entire track himself, Elliott's journey is one of dedication and self-taught skill, having financed his studio through summer jobs and mastering production using Logic Pro. His commitment to his art shines through in every note and lyric.

As the EP’s release date approaches, anticipation builds for Elliott’s unique blend of storytelling and musical craftsmanship. ‘Fairytale’ highlights his passion, authenticity, and artistic evolution, positioning him to make a significant impact on the pop and singer-songwriter genres.

Recognized by BBC Introducing North East and a top 30 songwriter in the UK SAYS 2022 competition, Lucas Elliott stands out for his ability to merge genres and styles, creating music that resonates on multiple levels.


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