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‘Lucifer’s Sidekick’ by Hannah Stannard is a folk-tinged dark-pop delight

UK singer-songwriter Hannah Stannard sees in the new year with a new single. ‘Lucifer’s Sidekick’ is out on January 8th and trust us, it’s brilliantly crafted folk-tinged dark-pop that has something for every listener.

‘Lucifer’s Sidekick’ has hints of Lana Del Rey and Lorde, yet with an authentic British twist and a uniqueness of its own entirely. The song has a dark theme to it, speaking of being ‘a devil in disguise’ yet stuck in the spiralling and terribly vicious cycle of desire. The ever-so Baudelairean subject matter is as haunting as it is poetic, and we enjoyed listening to a song with such depth here at CFM.

Stannard began performing live during her time at college while receiving her diploma in 'Music Performance and Production'. From performing at 'The Smokehouse' to 'St Peters by the waterfront', she has developed as an artist over the years, honing in on her songwriting.

In 2020, Hannah took a trip to Nashville, Tennesse. Here she experienced the love for the state, visiting places such as 'The Listening Room', 'Grand Ole Opry' and 'The Country Music Hall Of Fame'. Having been inspired by everything Nashville has to offer, Stannard will no doubt be working even harder on her own craft.

Find all the platforms for Hannah Stannard on socials and buy merch HERE

‘Lucifer’s Sidekick’ drops January 8th on all major platforms

For now, stream her last single, the beautiful 'Problems':


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